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1 month free trial

SwissWorkTime free trial

Discover the efficiency of SwissWorkTime with no financial obligation!


Take advantage right now of a 1 month free trial, to explore our application and all its functionalities.

As convenient for you, you can test the management of work time, absences and expense accounts, through our intuitive web interface.
In addition, enjoy the user experience of our Swiss mobile application, designed for quick and efficient entry, wherever your team is.

SwissWorkTime simplifies your company management through our real time reports, achievement analyses by employee and performance by work site/project, with a seamless entry validation process.

Sign up now to get one month free and find out how we can help you optimize your time and resources management.

How can the SwissWorkTime management tool be tested?

If you are an employer

You are responsible for entering employee hours, expenses or absences? Test our web application right now.
Complete the form by clicking on the link below.

When the form has been validated, you are logged in to your company account and can then browse and try out our management system in complete freedom.

To try the mobile application, simply:

  • Download the “SwissWorkTime” app to your smartphone.
  • Log in to the app with the same access data as for the web application (“Log in” menu >).
    If you have already tried the application with a DEMO account, make sure you log out from this account (Menu “My account”, “Log out”) and log in on your web application account.

If you are an employee

Check out our application from an “employee” perspective and see how simple, efficient and intuitive it is to use.

To enter your hours:

  • Download the “SwissWorkTime” app to your smartphone.
  • Create a DEMO account to activate the features of the mobile app (“Demo account” menu).
  • An email entitled “Your DEMO access to the SwissWorkTime app” will be sent to you with your login information.
  • Log in to the app with the login information received to try out hours entry (> menu “Log in”).

For company management:

  • Create a “back office” login to customize your company’s settings (> menu “Manage my company”).
  • An email entitled “Your login for SwissWorkTime” will be sent to you containing your back office login information.
  • To test the mobile app for your company, simply log out of the demo version (> menu “My account”, “Log out”) then log in again with your back office login information (> menu “Log in”).
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