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A simple yet sophisticated tool for entering hours and expenses and tracking your work.

  • Do you want to simplify the management of your employees' hours and expense reports and avoid re-entry?
  • Do you want reports that allow you to track the hours on your different building sites / projects as well as the actual hours of your employees in real time?
  • Do you want to keep control and monitor the interventions and supplies used on your worksites/projects?
  • Real Time
  • Count
  • Balance Sheet
  • Photo
  • Absences
  • Cost Center
  • Geo-location
  • Site Manager
  • Expenditure
  • Hourly Cost
  • Overtime
  • Travel
  • Department
  • Access Rights
  • Supplies
  • Actual Hours
  • Manpower
  • Mandate
  • Tasks
  • Material
  • Notification
  • Agreement
  • Timing
  • Report
  • Planning
  • Meals
  • Push
  • Release
  • Scan
  • Statistics
  • Mobile
  • WinBiz
  • Follow-up
  • Team Leader
  • Validation
  • Vacation
  • Indemnity
  • Planned Hours
  • Switzerland

SwissWorkTime has been designed to help you to be more efficient and have a better control of your seizures based on two platforms of use: a mobile app for employees and a management web application for the company.

Interested to test the mobile app?

Interested to test the management web application?

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For the employee : iPhone and Android mobile app

Application in the employee's language
Taking pictures of receipts for expenses
Geo-location of construction sites
"Plus besoin de chercher un stylo" (José, maçon)
"La carte des chantiers géolocalisés est bien pratique" (Julien, chef de chantier)
  • Entry of hours worked and absences per site/project
  • Entry of expenses (travel, meals, ...) per day or site/project (including photos of receipts)
  • List of sites/projects with geolocation
  • Validation of employees' hours by team or site/project managers
  • Application in the user's language: French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese
  • [NEW] Breakdown of hours entered by task/activity
  • [NEW] Management of supplies used on the construction site / project
  • [NEW] Entering travel times

For the employer : Management (back office) web application

Generate your time accounts with ease
Track activities, supplies and expenses by construction site/ project
Keep the history of entries in accordance with the law in force
"Plus besoin de déchiffrer les heures écrites à la main" (Marie, secrétaire)
"Plus de re-saisie des heures, un gain de temps administratif important" (David, directeur d'une PME)
  • Management of employees, site/project managers, team managers
  • Employee hour scheduling
  • Site/project management (with geolocation of sites/projects)
  • Activation of sites/projects
  • Definition of available expenses (photos of receipts)
  • Definition of types of absences
  • Weekly / monthly / annual reports with breakdowns per site/project
  • Calculation of overtime hours
  • Management of departments
  • Definition of user access rights by department
  • Data import and export (WinBiz format,...)
  • Compliance with collective conventions in force
  • [NEW] Management of a supply catalogue
  • [NEW] Tracking of tasks and activities by worksite / project
  • [NEW] Site / Project Monitoring Dashboard including a detailed time and cost summary
  • [NEW] Travel time management

CHF 5.- per employee per month

Three months of trial offered

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