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A simple yet sophisticated tool for entering hours and expenses and tracking your work.

  • Do you want to simplify the management of your employees' hours and expense reports and avoid re-entry?
  • Do you want reports that allow you to track the hours on your different building sites / projects as well as the actual hours of your employees in real time?
  • Do you want to keep control and monitor the interventions and supplies used on your worksites/projects?
  • Real Time
  • Count
  • Balance Sheet
  • Photo
  • Absences
  • Cost Center
  • Geo-location
  • Site Manager
  • Expenditure
  • Hourly Cost
  • Overtime
  • Travel
  • Department
  • Access Rights
  • Supplies
  • Actual Hours
  • Manpower
  • Mandate
  • Tasks
  • Material
  • Notification
  • Agreement
  • Timing
  • Report
  • Planning
  • Meals
  • Push
  • Release
  • Scan
  • Statistics
  • Mobile
  • WinBiz
  • Follow-up
  • Team Leader
  • Validation
  • Vacation
  • Indemnity
  • Planned Hours
  • Switzerland

SwissWorkTime has been designed to help you to be more efficient and have a better control of your seizures based on two platforms of use: a mobile app for employees and a management web application for the company.

Interested to test the mobile app?

Interested to test the management web application?

Request an evaluation access

For the employee : iPhone and Android mobile app

Application in the employee's language
Taking pictures and commenting activities
Statements of actual hours, overtime and expense reports

"Plus besoin de chercher un stylo" (José, maçon)
"La carte des chantiers géolocalisés est bien pratique" (Julien, chef de chantier)
  • Entry of hours worked and absences per construction site/project
  • Entry of expenses (travel, meals, ...) per day or construction site/project (including photos of receipts)
  • List of construction sites/projects with geolocation
  • Validation of employees' hours by team or construction site/project managers
  • Application in the user's language: French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese
  • Breakdown of hours entered by task/activity
  • Management of supplies used on the construction site / project
  • Entering travel times
  • [NEW] Entering comments and taking pictures of completed tasks
  • [NEW] History of comments and photos of the construction site / project
  • [NEW] Simplified entry by copying from another day and entry by duration
  • [NEW] Creation and modification of construction sites/projects
  • [NEW] Visualization of the balance sheets and the follow-up of construction sites/projects

For the employer : Management (back office) web application

Generate your time accounts with ease
Track activities, supplies and expenses by construction site/ project
Keep the history of entries in accordance with the law in force
"Plus besoin de déchiffrer les heures écrites à la main" (Marie, secrétaire)
"Plus de re-saisie des heures, un gain de temps administratif important" (David, directeur d'une PME)
  • Weekly/monthly/annual reports per employee with breakdown by worksite / project
  • Validation of hours and calculation of overtime
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Management of employees, worksites/projects and supplies
  • Tracking of tasks and activities by worksite / project and generating a cost and time balance sheet
  • Configurations by department
  • [NEW] Integration with WinBiz (import of employees, projects and export of activities)
  • [NEW] Photo gallery of worksite / project photos
  • [NEW] Creating extended Absences
  • [NEW] Management of time-varying rates
  • [NEW] Export reports to PDF
  • [NEW] CCNT report generation for hotels and restaurants and GastroTime integration

CHF 5.- per employee per month

Three months of trial offered

What are you waiting for? Trial the application today!

Hotels and restaurants

  • The CCNT Excel working time entry file is automatically filled in as your employees enter their time
  • Entry of working time in case of reduced working hours (RWH)

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