An easy-to-use yet sophisticated application for entering your hours, absences, expense accounts and work activities.

backoffice planification time schedule
example working hours entered

5.- per employee per month
Free one month trial and 0.- for start-up costs

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You want to:

  • Simplify management of your employees’ hours and expense accounts?
  • Save time by not having to re-enter data?
  • Get time tracking reports for your various worksites/projects and the actual number of hours worked by your employees?
  • Stay in control in real time?
  • Track the interventions and supplies used on your worksites/projects?


Functional diagram SwissWorkTime application
  • Real time
  • Calculation
  • Assessment
  • Photo
  • Absences
  • Cost Center
  • Geo-location
  • Worksite manager
  • Expense
  • Hourly cost
  • Overtime
  • Travel
  • Department
  • Access right
  • Supplies
  • Actual hours
  • Manpower
  • Mandate
  • Tasks
  • Material
  • Notification
  • Agreement
  • Stamping
  • Report
  • Schedule
  • Meals
  • Push
  • Receipt
  • Scan
  • Statistics
  • Mobile
  • Winbiz
  • Follow-up
  • Team leader
  • Validation
  • Vacation
  • Indemnity
  • Scheduled hours
  • Switzerland


Online management (back office)

calculation icon

Generate your time calculations with one click

track activities icon
Track activities, supplies and expenses by worksite/project
Icon for the entry history in accordance with current legislation
Keep the entry history in accordance with current legislation
back office work time schedule
back office validation of hours
back office hours entered report


iPhone and Android mobile app

language used icon
Application in the employee’s language
photo and comment icon

Possible photos and comments on activities

hours calculation and expense accounts icon
Number of actual hours, overtime and expense account calculations
SwissWorkTime application start screen
SwissWorkTime menu application
example working hours entered


Test online management (employer)?

Are you responsible for entering employee hours, expenses or absences? Wait no longer! Try out our web application now:

  1. Fill out the form by clicking on the link below. You can set your login email address and password.
  2. Once the form has been validated, you are logged in to your company account and can then browse and try out our management system.
  3. To test the mobile app, you can log in with the same account as the web application (> menu “Log in”). If you are logged in with a demo account, simply log out first (“My account” menu, “Log out”).


Test the mobile app (employee)?

Discover our application from an “employee” perspective and see how simple, efficient and intuitive it is to use.

Hours entry

  1. Download the “SwissWorkTime” app to your smartphone.
  2. Request a DEMO account to enable the features of the mobile app (“Demo account” menu).
  3. An email entitled “Your DEMO access to the SwissWorkTime app” will be sent to you with your access details.
  4. Log in to the app with the access data received to try out hours entry (> menu “Log in”).

Company management

  1. Create a “back office” login to customize your company’s settings (> menu “Manage my company”).
  2. An email entitled “Your login for SwissWorkTime” will be sent to you containing your login to access the back office.
  3. To test the mobile app for your company, simply log out of the demo version (> menu “My account”, “Log out”) then log in again with your back office access data (>menu “Log in”).


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Whether your organization has just one employee or hundreds, we have the features you need.

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